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20 Years Later: Redemption

Malcolm Little, a superior predator who was sent to prison to spend 8-10 years of his life behind bars. In, the pit of hell, North American prisons, he overcame the pressure of hopelessness to become one of the finest leaders during the civil rights era. After spending, a few years behind bars, he experienced a spiritual awakening. This awakening allowed him to transform into Malcolm X, a pillar of strength in the Islamic convert community. Learning of his journey, has been denied to the modern day incarcerated inmates due to the “Get tough on crime” laws that were passed across the country in the late 80’s and early 90’s. These laws devastated the

black community and dissipated the black family. 

The state of Pennsylvania can be considered the architect of America's penitentiary formation. The basis of the prison system is to lock away a wayward soul and isolate them from the community without rehabilitation. Locked in a cement cell, inmates have can only hope that one day he or she could be redeemed and belief in God, that they will be delivered. 

Not only is the state of Pennsylvania the architect for prison systems, but merciless when it comes to reform and rehabilitation. In the past twenty years, commutation of prison sentences, relief granted for wrongful convictions or reduction of sentences have become non-existent. Prison education has become non-existent along with funding. Despite the many studies that conclude rehabilitation is

successful with the adding of school programs.


In newfound days, prisoners are being warehoused in gladiator camps to remain violent or become violent. As the saying goes “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop” and inmates squander years of their incarceration plotting vengeance or getting high. Without formal

education and rehabilitation, these men or women run the risk of returning to prison. As refined stones forged in flames that rise to the surface, these individuals will one day return to society. Some not rehabilitated and others might carry the sword of morality that will one day conquer black on black violence.  

"20 Years Later: Redemption,"; is the fictional exploration of Marcus Pain and other young black men from Pittsburgh who was infatuated with the perfect combination of drugs, gangs and the untimely misfortune of going to prison. This book spotlight Pains life behind bars and transformation from spending 20 years in prison. This story spotlights Pain's prison life and what it does to young men who had little to hope for and even less to live for. Muhammad's dramatic depiction of prison life will have the readers guessing if redemption is possible or not for these men? There is only one way to find out.

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