In the Name of Jehovah: A Quest for Truth over Religion

“In the Name of Jehovah: A Quest for Truth over Religion” is a story about a kid growing up named Monty. His mother is raising him and his older siblings as Jehovah’s Witnesses.  He faces challenging obstacles in his life caused by his mother’s undying, and sometimes irrational devotion to her religion.  Using different methods, Monty finds his own path when he is ostracized from his family and discovers there is much more to learn than what was taught to him.  


He is forced to educate himself and quickly realizes guidance sometimes comes from places you least expect.  After a traumatic experience, later on in life, Monty receives inner guidance and strives to understand and embrace his true purpose in life and gain some type of self-awareness in the process. This story, similar to our own lives, is full of ups and downs and is sure to make you reflect upon the decisions we make and why we make them.

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