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End Of A Needle

Heroin has generated a resurgence in America. Destroying the futures of unsuspecting parents who may be in denial about what their children are doing. There are many different reasons why someone would end up addicted to opium. The most frequent paths to this addiction are getting hooked from prescription drugs after a painful medical injury or popping pills with your friends at parties. We may never wake up from this nightmare unless we begin to pay attention to every part of society.

End of the needle is a story which follows a group of characters from diverse backgrounds who simultaneously overcome their heroin addiction. David Fowler was born and raised in a blue-collar family from the South side of Pittsburgh. Kelly Arnold came from a good middle class home. Two people who made a beautiful couple that should have lived happily ever after if it wasn't for the fact that they were in the fight of their lives.

As each of them overcome their struggles of being slaves to fast money. They put themselves at risk of relapsing from selling poison to the hopeless of the inner city. From the gangbanger who is firing a gun in public with no regard to human life, to the children who are forsaken; society needs to be held accountable for the countless years of turning a deaf ear, blind eye and muted tongue to the inner cities suffering. 


Follow the story of David and Kelly through their struggles and degradation while battling addiction of the Grim Reapers new drug, heroin. Read about their rise and fall from society while battling for their souls during America's heroin epidemic.

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