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Maafa M. Abdallah

Maafa M. Abdallah is a Pittsburgh based author of the "Recompense" trilogy.
Maafa's desire for complete anonymity makes reading the trilogy more thought provoking.
"Who is this author and how could this story line enter one's mind?" The answer, Maafa wanted to
discover his ancestral roots. By learning of the tumultuous times in African American History, unearthed the spiritual emptiness that plagued his existence since childhood. Before he became Maafa, he was a faithful member of the agnostic belief. He never claimed to have faith nor disbelief in the Creator. He didn't have the knowledge of the Creator's existence and this ignited his spiritual journey. "How could he believe in a Creator who allowed his ancestors to be enslaved?"

Maafa struggled with this question for years before receiving the answer. The journey to the path of enlightenment proved to be unsympathetic. Which forced Maafa to face his own prejudices.
It was at that point a recompense within himself was birthed.

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