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Maafa Muhammad

Before he came to be Maafa, he was a regular youth from the west side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Through, pains and adversities during his younger years accounted for his decisions which drove him into America’s prison system.


From there, his flight or fight instinct kicked into overdrive. This young boy from the west side, was determined to not allow the concrete cage he was surrounded by to prevail over him. As an alternative, he sought his freedom through knowledge. Knowledge is power, and with knowledge, that young boy from the west side converted into Maafa. Like a black butterfly shedding its cocoon, Maafa had shed

his sins of his past and emerged a transformed man.


From behind bars, Maafa created imperial articles which caught the attention of Bailey Publishing House. Now a printed writer, he can reach more people and continue his transformation to being a redemptive man and advise others on their path to redemption.

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