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Maafa Muhammad
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Maafa Muhammad

Before he became Maafa, Maurice was a regular youth from the west side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Through pain and adversities he experienced during his younger years, accounted for his decisions which drove him to new slavery, the America’s prison system.

Maurice refused to allow the steel cage that surrounded him to prevail. As an alternative, he sought his freedom through knowledge and religion. Knowledge is power, and with knowledge comes oneness of self. Reverting to the religion of his ancestors, Maurice morphed into Maafa. Like a black butterfly shedding its cocoon, Maafa shed the sins of his past and emerged a transformed man.

From behind bars, Maafa created imperial articles and authored four novels. 20 Years Later, Beyond Redemption, End of the Needle and his newest work, Penal Colonies. Now a published writer, Maafa can reach more people and advise others on their path to redemption.

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