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Addison Schmitt

First time author Addison Schmitt put together an impressive body of poetry which reflects his life experiences, love and life. A native of Ohio, Addison embodies the down home heart and a passion for writing. His highly anticipated collection of poetry titled "All that has Fallen To Earth," E-book now available for purchase. Soft-cover book release November 25, 2020


Music is linked to poetry. Both are thoughts and feelings in motion. “Movements” are the music of poetry. They are melodies set in words and played on the strings of our own interpretations. A sentence can be a powerful thing. It may be all that’s needed to express the thoughts of our heart.

“Be Inspired”

Think of this book partially as a blank canvas. It is awaiting the opportunity for you the reader to also become a creator. A book of poetry can only reach someone so much because we are all different and diverse. This book has various poems that are left open to the reader to add his or her own thoughts. Sometimes creativity needs a jumpstart. Poems marked at the bottom “Be Inspired” can be building blocks for the reader to make those thoughts their own. Build on these themes and let your creativity shine through onto the pages and express your own thoughts, aspirations and dreams.

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