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What Pittsburgh's Legal Community is Hiding From You. by Pierre Pinson

Have you ever gone to a mechanic with a problem only to find there were more? Have you ever received an estimate for a $100 and ended up having to shell out north of $400? In the repair profession, the mark ups are an institutional design taught in trade schools everywhere. Every plumber, HVAC technician, and mechanic knows this. It's an open secret.

Detective Dennis Logan was a Pittsburgh Police Detective notorious for lying, fabricating confessions, and violating the civil rights of criminal suspects. The detective earned his reputation procuring confessions, and with policing being a results based profession the District Attorney's office turned a blind eye to his misconduct. Oblivious, local newspapers affectionately coined him the "The Confessor". Logan's crime spree began in the early 90's and flourished under reign of District Attorney Stephen Zappala. Until in June of 2002 a Federal Court found he and his partner liable for attempting to frame a man for a homicide to which another man was later convicted. During the botched frame job Logan and his partner Richard McDonald attempted to have the suspect sign a confession fabricated and hand written by the detective's themselves. For a moment, light was shed upon one of Pittsburgh's darkest secrets and faith was restored in the justice system. Then, reality set in when the District Attorney revealed his irreverence for justice and hired the detective to investigate of all things, fraud. One mention of Dennis Logan to an attorney in Allegheny County and the response is, "liar". Despite this, there are dozens of men who continue to languish beneath convictions tainted by the detective's involvement. We have requested the Attorney General to launch an investigation into the District Attorney's office to reveal the link between Logan, Zappala, and a history of injustices. Visit and view OUST ZAPPALA and D.B.I.

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