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YOU GO GIRL (Don't Call It a Comeback!) by Pierre Pinson contributing blogger for Unheard_Voices19 @ Instagram

¶Just as throughout the country black women in Pittsburgh have tossed complaining aside and have chosen to take action. Black women are at the forefront in business as they make up the majority of new entrepreneurs like Tara Bailey, C.E.O of Bailey Publishing House LLC, they are crashing through the glass ceilings of politics like Mayor Marita Garrett and Rep. Summer Lee, and they are leading movements in activism like Jasmine Waugh founder of Unheard_Voices19. These are examples of the black woman's indefatigable spirit in action.

¶We've heard the statement, "Actions speak louder than words" and many black women have told me (in their loudest voices), "DON'T TALK ABOUT IT, BE ABOUT IT." Black women have embodied the virtue: "You Must Be Active To Be An Activist!" However, activism is not constrained to the conventional idea of protest it also encompasses the act of changing self.

¶So brothers, let's become activists because sisters have held it down since we got here. Remember who supported you, who encouraged you, who nursed you to health, who rode with you, and who was often the first line of defense in the war on the back family, Black women.

¶When you see a sister doing her thing salute her, let her know we're proud of her. So, to all the Sisters who are protecting the front line, we see you—You go girl. #GO GIRL #S.O.S. #SaluteOurSisters

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