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#FAKE NEWS? by Pierre Pinson contributing blogger of Unheard_Voices19 (9/5/18)

¶On August 29, 2018 the Pennsylvania D.O.C. issued a statewide lockdown in response to numerous officers falling ill from an unknown substance assumed to be entering prisons via mail. The substance has yet to be identified and guards have yet to test positive for drugs however, this "unknown" substance has been used by Secretary of the D.O.C. John Wetzel to punish prisoners by enforcing rules that include mailing restrictions.

•FACT: SCI Phoenix is an institution recently opened by the D.O.C. While the jail was still empty, and before any inmate was housed in the prison there were drugs found.

•FACT: Trafficking any amount of drug through the U.S. Postal Service is a Federal Crime.

•FACT: The U.S. Postal Service has experience with "unknown" substances such as anthrax and ricin. In this experience post office workers were sickened by the substance before they knew what it was.


If a Federal Crime is being committed, where is the FBI?

Why aren't post office workers getting sick?

Why haven't prison mail room workers been getting sick?

Why isn't the mail carrier getting sick?

Why aren't inmates getting sick?

Who has the most to gain from this?

Who has the most to lose?

I will not insult my readers by explaining because common sense will supply you with the answers you need. However, I will say that no one cares about prisoner's rights. Who benefits the most from having hazard pay included in their check? #STAY WOKE

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