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Maafa M. Muhammad,

Author Of 20 Years Later “Redemption" &

Contributing Blogger For Unheard_Voices19

In 1926, Dr. Cater G. Woods on established what was then called Negro History Week. After realizing that many of his people lacked basic knowledge of our struggles and accomplishments, he decided that we needed to spend time during the first week of February learning about what our ancestors did in America as well as Africa so that we won't run around this country like Kanye West.

This spring, most of us gasped at learning what the one time hero of Hip Hop said to the pleasure of his new friends. To excuse this person's behavior is to commit treason at the highest order. No other group of people would tolerate this ignorance by any member of their race. The only reason why he enjoys the lifestyle that he does is because of the blood and tears that our ancestors pored into America's soil while being whipped and held at gunpoint.

As he attempts to recover some of those lost album sales which he caused by playing boy to the 45th President, Black folk must make an example out of him. Just like we need to do with everyone who insults the struggle because they're rich now. From Lil' Wayne to Nicki Manaj and now we can add Cardie B to that list. Rap's talented tenth is on notice, never disrespect our ancestors. Hip Hop is no place for sellouts.

In 1976, Congress adopted the entire month and changed the name to Black History Month so that we can better educate ourselves on what our people have done. After reconnecting to the pain of the poor, Meek Mill became a voice for those who aren't heard while a man who went to college earned us turning our deaf ear on him. This upcoming February, buy a books from Black historians and read them or risk becoming a pawn for those who don't want this country monkeyed up. Florida, #STAYWOKE

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