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Maafa M. Muhammad,

Author Of 20 Years Later “Redemption"

Contributing Blogger For Unheard_Voices19

A salute goes out to Nike for signing former NFL quarter back, Colin Kaepernick to be apart of their new advertising campaign. Their efforts in our struggle must be recognized. However, this message is a warning to young Pittsburghers. Many of us before you had the wrong role models and took foolish advice from those who didn't share our plight.

When you come from wealth, mistakes during your youth won't have a lasting effect on you entire life because of daddy's connections. You can experiment with drugs and alcohol and graduate from college with a C average and become President without winning the popular vote. Then lead the country into two recessions, scudding the airline industry, ruining relief for hurricane Katrina and lying about weapons of mass destruction in Irac. Or You can fail at multiple marriages due to you repeatedly giving in to you sexual desires as a Democrat. Then convince a Grand Old Party that you're conservative because of your racist views in order to become President.

You're not rich with political capital though. So when you make mistakes, your patents won't be be able to protect you from the system of mass incarceration or death. We lost Jimmy Wapo and Mac Miller right when their careers were about to reach new heights because of the decisions they made.

Joining a gang makes sense when you're dispirit for a strong, support system and they offer you love. Using intoxicants seems like a good idea when you're trying to get over depression and you feel that there's no one to talk to Here's the truth: They are lying to you, life's long. Especially, when you're behind bars. So don't just do it, try pausing and Just Think! Or you might Just Blow It. #WAKEUP

(Maafa M. Muhammad's books 20 Years Later “Redemption and End Of A Needle [coming soon] explores the dangers of Pittsburgh's gang life and opioid epidemic.)

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