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¶Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental health problem that develops after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event such as the ones our children experience in ghettos everyday. We cannot ignore the fact that experiencing these horrors contributes to the cycles of addiction, violence, and incarceration. Society cannot rely on the racist ideology that suggests that blacks are animals by nature and cannot be affected by issues such as PTSD. We cannot resolve issues of mental disorder by pretending they do not exist. PTSD is ingrained in the DNA of Black folk. It began with children being born under trauma of slavery, and it continues with the trauma of the constant war waged upon Black sanity. Before you dismiss someone as crazy remember that their crazy may be a manifestation of pain neglected

¶PTSD has the following symptoms: RELIVING THE EVENT: Which includes haunting memories, nightmares, and even flashbacks. AVOIDING REMINDERS: Includes avoiding situations, people, or places that trigger memories of the trauma. Avoiding talking or thinking about the event. NEGATIVITY: Perception of self and others may change. One may feel that the world is against him/her and that they are unable to trust anyone. PARANOIA: One may be on edge, have trouble concentrating or sleeping or be easily angered, irritable, and prone to engage in acts that are unhealthy like; Self-medicating, smoking, reckless driving, or promiscuity. #STAY WOKE #PTSD

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