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Maafa M. Muhammad,

Author of 20 Years Later “Redemption"

Contributing Blogger For Unheard_Voices19

Nearly every prison in Pennsylvania is located miles away from the large concentrated areas where Black people live. This causes hardships on our families because they have to plan to visit their loved ones in prisons like how they have to arrange vacation trips. We must recognize all of your efforts to support us behind bars. So on behalf of every prisoner who has ever been incarcerated, Thank You! Without your love and support, many of us wouldn't have made it. Without your reasoning, most of us who did, would have never obtained redemption. For you are the reason why we got better.

On the flip side of that same coin, I have to apologize on behalf of everyone of us who claimed to be reformed only to come home and picked up that package, continued to gangbang and ended up back in jail or an early grave. I'm so sorry for my Brothers who lied to you. Mama, you've cried too many nights over his immature decisions and now he's back in the joint. Ladies, while he was locked down, he promised to marry you and be faithful until death did you two apart but he got out and decided to do him. You were sold a dream and for all of those expensive phone bills, 4 page letters and long nights when you rolled over onto the cold side of the bed, please forgive the ignorant.

(Maafa M. Muhammad's book 20 Years Later “Redemption" genuinely details what happens when the worst of society he locked up for decades. The struggle to regain one's soul is not for the weak and neither is this story.)

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