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Treat Me Like A Dog.


Maafa M. Muhammad,

Author Of 20 Years Later “Redemption"

Contributing Blogger For Unheard_Voices19

As a grown up, there are many things that bring me nostalgia the moment I see them. Many of us enjoyed animal crackers as children, my favorite were the iced ones. Recently animal activists won a battle by getting the makers of this snack to free the animals on the box from the cartoon cages. When people hurt their pets it's a likely outcome that they end up convicted of animal abuse.

In 2010, three police officers brutally beat a 17 year old boy name Jordan Miles in Pittsburgh. Then charged him with a crime to cover up their illegal actions. After Jordan passed a lie detector test detailing the accounts of what happened that night and the three cops refused to take the same test, all charges against the boy were dropped. Unfortunately for Black people, those police officers were never charged with any crime. When a Black man was on his way home from work, a group of white men approach him and one of these men assaulted our brother then threw him onto the train tracks, all while hurling racial slurs at the victim who none of the thugs knew. Another perpetrator took the Black man's property and then the group left together. These crimes, assault and robbery, were captured on film by the train station's security cameras along with testimony from eye witnesses. The leader ended up with a few months in the county jail while the rest got away with probation.

In 2018, the Black citizens in Pittsburgh need to vote with one thing in mind: Whether white perpetrators are cops or not, as long as they abuse us then District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala, Jr. won't prosecute the cases as he would if the victim walks on all fours. We need a new DA because to him, justice is giving his kind second chances while seeking the maximum penalty for a Black defendant. Since our rights aren't being respected then the least the DA can do is treat me like a dog.

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