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" In order to forgive others, you must first forgive yourself. I have done just that. Recompense is my way of paying homage to our ancestors with the intent of uniting the masses"
~ Maafa M. Abdallah

Imara a Nubian princess is suddenly removed from her life of royalty and forced into slavery. After months on the treacherous high seas, she arrives to the new world and endured years of brutal beatings, raping and torture. Forced to doubt her faith, she sought refuge in the Devil (Iblis) which caused a second war between the Righteous Jinns and the Rebel Jinns. A fight for her eternal soul ensued into present time causing modern day slavery.Dark Magic (JuJu), Arc Angels, Jinns, Hell, war and vengeance all play a part in this thought provoking chain of events that will leave you asking "what if?".
In Recompense, readers will encounter their inner most feelings on race, love and how far one would go to unite different races and religions. Maafa M. Abdallah imagination and writing will send the reader on a mental journey.

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