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Sins Of Seduction

Juggling her life as mother, fiancé, and a counselor, Emma realizes her relationship is doomed. When her fiancé stops giving into her sexual desires, she takes things into her own hands. When an inmate attempts to kiss her while being pinned against the wall, she is startled. She should not have caved to his advances. But as her hunger for sex deepens she starts to have spontaneous, wild, animalistic sex wherever she can, whoever with. Her preference, having random sex with inmates or strangers.

Knowing she could lose it all, her children, her job, her freedom, she takes the risk. As wrong as this is, it never felt more right. The feeling of being enticed by men, their hands all over her body and their warm mouths too, gives her a rush. As the sins of seduction escalates, she is completely unaware that she is being stalked. But by who? Will she figure it out or will she risk it all?

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