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Tara Yilmaz (Bailey)

Chief Executive Officer

Tara Yilmaz founded Bailey Publishing House in 2016 to honor her beloved brother. A writer herself, she never inspired to be in the company's forefront. Mrs. Yilmaz prefers to work in the background as Senior Editor and author. She has aspirations by 2023 to hand over the company to her brother and focus on her writing. Mrs. Yilmaz wrote her first novel in 2014 under a pseudonym, and a dark comedy play, DEADBEAT (2017). The play premiered on May 21, 2018 at the Pittsburgh Playwrights Theater. Wali Jamal Abdullah served as producer and Kim El directed the play. Her second novel Dracula of the Westside is in production and release date scheduled for 2022. Besides her company obligations, Mrs. Yilmaz is an editor for Writer’s Day Workshop and a Columnist for the Gazette 2.0. The title of her column is “Did You Know.” You can view her articles at

Contact: Tara Yilmaz at Bailey Publishing House

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