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Tara Bailey

A native of Pittsburgh, Tara Bailey  is the author of the best-selling play "Deadbeat" for Bailey Publishing House. Ms. Bailey was inspired to write this play after a brief moment of reflection of her past.

A brutally honest depiction of destructive domestic relationships that has been cycling through the African American Community like a tornado.

The short story “DEADBEAT” has an abundance of undertones that speak about how young African American women inherit a sick idea of what occurs in a normal relationship between men and women. Topics include physical, emotional, verbal, and financial abuse and how these women are willing to sacrifice their stability and neglect their children all for a “good for nothing” man. This dark-comedy is told in a first-person point of view from the lead character James. He recounts his history with seven of his “Baby Mommas” and their untimely misfortune of meeting him. Strong language and colorful metaphors are used repeatedly to describe how stupid his “baby mamas” are for getting pregnant and keeping his children.

Many readers will see themselves in these characters as James reveals his diabolical ways. That was the intention when Ms. Bailey wrote this dark-comedy. “DEADBEAT” is a re-imaging of life-altering events that she experienced during her early parental years. She wants her readers to treat this story as a “grown-up” after school special.

“It’s not easy raising children by yourself, but sometimes it’s the best option. Stay strong and remember to always put your children first”

                                                            ~ Number Seven


Best Seller

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