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Writing Development 

$300 per chapter with a 5 chapter minimum.

Installment payment option available.

50% due on the date of the agreement.

Invoices payable through PayPal or Cash App.

It's your prerogative to choose your speed of progression.

Whether it takes 30 days or 4 months, you decide.

Writing Development services includes weekly Zoom meeting.         

Flexibility with scheduling date and time of meeting.

Weekly sessions range between 60-90 minutes.

You have the option to review 1-2 chapters of your choice each week.


Topics discussed 

  • Writing Development - expressing thought in language and character of the writing.

  • Syntax - arrangements of words and phrases.

  • Character Development - creating believable characters                                           in fiction by giving depth and personality.

  • Grammar and punctuation.

  • Proofreading.

  • Collaborative editing.

Principles topics of development

  • Onomatopoeia - the formation of a word from a sound.

  • Metaphor - a figure of speech.

  • Language - principal method of human communication.

  • Critical thinking - objective analysis and evaluation.

  • Simile - Descriptive writing technique.

  • Dialogue - a conversation between two or more characters.

  • Emotive language - adjective and adverbs relating to emotions.

  • Colloquial language - informal speaking.

  • Hyperbole - excessive exaggeration to highlight a point.

  • Narrative technique - providing an account of connective events.

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