Writing Development 

$200 per chapter with a 5 chapter minimum.

Installment payment option is available.

50% due on the date of the agreement.

Last payment due seven days after.

Invoices payable through PayPal.

It's your prerogative to choose your speed of progression.

Whether it takes 30 days or 4 months, you decide.

Writing Development services includes weekly Zoom (Skype) meeting.          Flexibility with scheduling date and time of the meeting. Weekly sessions range between 90-120 minutes.

You have the option to review 1-2 chapters of your choice each week.

Topics discussed 

  • Writing Development - expressing thought in language and                      character of the writing.

  • Syntax - arrangements of words and phrases.

  • Character Development - creating believable characters                                           in fiction by giving depth and personality.

  • Grammar and punctuation.

  • Proofreading.

  • Collaborative editing.

Principles topics of development

  • Onomatopoeia - the formation of a word from a sound.

  • Metaphor - a figure of speech.

  • Language - principal method of human communication.

  • Critical thinking - objective analysis and evaluation.

  • Simile - Descriptive writing technique.

  • Dialogue - a conversation between two or more characters.

  • Emotive language - adjective and adverbs relating to emotions.

  • Colloquial language - informal speaking.

  • Hyperbole - excessive exaggeration to highlight a point.

  • Narrative technique - providing an account of connective events.